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The HAUNTXR YouTube channel has been around for more than 6 years now, featuring massive artists like Yung Lean, Bones and Xavier Wolf right from the start. Later on HAUNTXR even went to feature lil Peep and xxxtentacion! He has a total of over 70 000 subscribers and a grand total of over 35 million views and still steadily growing!

It comes to no surprise to say that HAUNTXR is one of the godfathers of cloudrap YouTube channels right up there with other channels such as デーモンAstari. With his loyal fanbase constantly requesting new music and HAUNTXR's golden ear for great artists you are sure to find fresh and quality music on his channel all of the time. HAUNTXR's website was set out to be a platform where viewers could go onto to find links to all his social media and SoundCloud.

CoCreation has developed the HAUNTXR website in a framework called bootstrap, this is especially useful to use when wanting to make quick layout changes and easily keep your website updated. Be sure to check out his new website at where you can view all of HAUNTXR’s music videos and get the links to all his social media and SoundCloud.

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