New Nick Prosper Website

For those who do not know who Nick Prosper is, he is a well known rapper with a rockstar look in the Soundcloud community. His music videos are featured on some of the most influential cloudrap YouTube channels such as デーモンAstari and Hauntxr.

He has worked with other big names such as ITSOKTOCRY and CA$HRINA. He was also recently featured on CA$HRINA’s latest video Run away. As much as it sounds like a cliché Nick Prosper has an unique style that can appeal to everyone, especially with him having such a wide range of vocal capabilities, as he can scream like the heaviest of metal bands to soothing cloud rap. With him touring so much and having to keep fans updated with tourdates and latest news it was essential to get a website that looks both modern but also different to keep to his rockstar image.

His website was created in Wordpress where it is so easy to make changes that you can even make the changes from your mobile. Be sure to check out his new website at where you can view all of Nick Prosper’s music videos and get the links to all his social media and SoundCloud.

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