Is Social Media Really Necessary?

Social Media is great for two reasons: Firstly it is a wonderful advertising platform and secondly with the big following that it has you can truly create creditability for your services and products.

This can allow your business to reach international exposure, which can attract customers from all over the world. There is a lot of room for growing a small business in the social media industry because social media does not only cater for the big companies but also to the entrepreneurs who still need to get their product or service out there.

When it comes to social media you need to ensure that everything is captivating and has meaning. Your company logo and slogan have to cater for social media needs. Your logo needs to be the right size and right colors to attract the right customers. Your slogan needs to be interesting, short and sweet. At times an online client will only look at your logo and read the first few words they see before evening thinking about reading any further.

When making use of social media it is important to be aware of the social media rules. When you are breaking these rules you will not only be wasting your own time but also money, you might pay for that content to be sponsored but it can be taken down if it is not in line with the correct rules. An example of that is that you find a great quote that is relevant to the message you want to send out to your clients, but instead of using a short quote you paste an entire paragraph on the image. Facebook will take that image down because they view it as spam. You may post the image, boost the post just to realize the following day that your post has been removed.

There is a popular belief that any person can add quotes to an image and add that to social media but this can be the downfall to your businesses. Everything that you place on any social media platform needs to be perfect, and well thought through. If a client sees something that they don't like or agree with they can all pass this on to their friends and family which will cause a lot of people to lose interest in your products or services.

Another important thing to remember when engaging with social media is that your followers don’t like to be advertised to, they want to be informed. Ensure that you use this powerful tool of social media to your advantage.

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