Video vs Text.

A new trend that has emerged on the Digital Marketing scene are short video clips that are made to get your attention with a powerful message. Most people think that it is only the youth who enjoys videos but according to recent research, this is not true, over 60% of website users prefer videos. It is also well known that a client will remember a video that contained a hint of humor much rather than online content.

CoCreation's experience with the following online video makers.

There are two online platforms that we have tired and used at CoCreation that we find user-friendly and that is not too expensive. The first online platform that we tried was Vyond. This video maker has a lot of different templates and characters to choose from and allows you to even customize your own character or own template. You are able to add background music and also a voiceover. The characters automatically synchronize to the voiceover allowing their mouth movement to be spot on. Making use of Vyond Premium removes the Vyond watermark from the videos that you create and many more from only R1 254,01 per month where you can cancel your prescription anytime when you would like to.

The second online platform that we find extremely useful at CoCreation is Biteable. The reason why this online platform is so user friendly is because all you need to do, to ensure that you create an amazing video is choose the character templates that you like, add in your content and press create this process can take up to 10 minutes and after that you are provided with an amazing video. You can choose between the free version which will come with its limits or you can pay monthly or annually and receive all the benefits. If you decide to pay monthly which keeps the option open to cancel your prescription at any time it will cost you R408,61 per month which is truly not bad at all.

Make sure to capture your audience with a strong online presence by making use of videos for advertising, marketing, and selling products. Content still allows for opportunities to reach your business through the use of seo's, therefore, your business needs to be sure that you make use of both platforms when thinking about how to ensure that your business will keep growing. And as the saying goes: “A picture says a thousand words and a video says...”

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