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The Importance Of Digital Marketing

06 Aug, 2018

The Need For Digital Marketing.

Are you still trying to understand how Digital Marketing is important for your business? Do you still spend money on articles in newspapers? Here are 5 reasons why...

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Video vs Text

30 July, 2018

Video vs Text

A new trend that has emerged on the Digital Marketing scene are short video clips that are made to get your attention with a powerful message...

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Relevant Content

23 July, 2018

Why Relevant Content Is Crucial.

What really makes a website exciting, trendy and different than other websites? Content? Relevant and Creative Content! What does it mean to have relevant content? It needs to be...

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Social Media

16 July, 2018

Is Social Media Really Necessary?

Social Media is great for two reasons: Firstly it is a wonderful advertising platform and secondly with the big following that it has you can truly create...

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